ARCHIVED - Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada


Volume 32, no. 4, September 2012

In this issue

  1. Distribution of human papillomavirus types, cervical cancer screening history, and risk factors for infection in Manitoba
    A. A. Demers, B. Shearer, A. Severini, R. Lotocki, E. V. Kliewer, S. Stopera, T. Wong, G. Jayaraman
  2. Features of physician services databases in Canada
    L. M. Lix, R. Walker, H. Quan, R. Nesdole, J. Yang, G. Chen, for the CHEP-ORTF Hypertension Outcomes and Surveillance Team
  3. Using national surveys for mental health surveillance of individuals with intellectual disabilities in Canada
    I. A. Bielska, H. Ouellette-Kuntz, D. Hunter
  4. Cardiovascular disease mortality among First Nations people in Canada, 1991–2001
    M. Tjepkema, R. Wilkins, N. Goedhuis, J. Pennock
  5. Income disparities in life expectancy in the City of Toronto and Region of Peel, Ontario
    J. Stratton, D. L. Mowat, R. Wilkins, M. Tjepkema
  6. Prevalence of meeting physical activity guidelines for cancer prevention in Alberta
    F. E. Aparicio-Ting, C. M. Friedenreich, K. A. Kopciuk, R. C. Plotnikoff, H. E. Bryant
  7. National Fall Prevention Workshop: stepping up pan-Canadian coordination
    Centre for Health Promotion, Public Health Agency of Canada; British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU)
  8. Report Summary - Injury in Review, 2012 Edition: Spotlight on Road and Transport Safety
    M. Cardinal, J. Crain, M. T. Do, M. Fréchette, S. McFaull, R. Skinner, W. Thompson

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