Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 37, No 10, October 2017

Volume 37 · Number 10 · October 2017

Special Issue: The Food Environment in Canada, Part II

Table of Contents

  1. Commentary – Food environment and vulnerable populations: challenges and opportunities for policy
    Lana Vanderlee, Dana Lee Olstad
  2. “Highly processed, highly packaged, very unhealthy.  But they are low risk”: exploring intersections between community food security and food safety
    Kelsey A. Speed, Samantha B. Meyer, Rhona M. Hanning, Shannon E. Majowicz
  3. Retail food environments, shopping experiences, First Nations and the provincial Norths
    Kristin Burnett, Kelly Skinner, Travis Hay, Joseph LeBlanc, Lori Chambers
  4. Exploring sales data during a healthy corner store intervention in Toronto: the Food Retail Environments Shaping Health (FRESH) project
    Leia M. Minaker, Meghan Lynch, Brian E. Cook, Catherine L. Mah
  5. Food deserts in Winnipeg, Canada: a novel method for measuring a complex and contested construct
    Joyce Slater, Stefan Epp-Koop, Megan Jakilazek, Chris Green
  6. Status report – Geographic retail food environment measures for use in public health
    Ahalya Mahendra, Jane Y. Polsky, Éric Robitaille, Marc Lefebvre, Tina McBrien, Leia M. Minaker
  7. At-a-glance – Sentinel surveillance of emergency department presentations for barbecue brush-related injuries: the electronic Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program, 2011 to 2017
    Deepa P. Rao, Minh T. Do, Jennifer Crain, Steven McFaull, Rebecca Stranberg, Teresa Mersereau, Wendy Thompson
  8. Other PHAC publications

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