Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 38, No 1, January 2018

Volume 38 · Number 1 · January 2018

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial – Seeking a new 'normal' in the Canadian food environment
    Lana Vanderlee, Erin P. Hobin
  2. Commentary – What about the mouth? Connecting oral health and food environments
    The Office of the Chief Dental Officer of Canada
  3. Healthy food procurement and nutrition standards in public facilities: evidence synthesis and consensus policy recommendations
    Kim D. Raine, Kayla Atkey, Dana Lee Olstad, Alexa R. Ferdinands, Dominique Beaulieu, Susan Buhler, Norm Campbell, Brian Cook, Mary L'Abbé, Ashley Lederer, David Mowat, Joshna Maharaj, Candace Nykiforuk, Jacob Shelley, Jacqueline Street
  4. At-a-glance – "A tough sell": findings from a qualitative analysis on the provision of healthy foods in recreation and sports settings
    Jessie-Lee D. McIsaac, Sherry L. Jarvis, Rebecca Spencer, Sara F.L. Kirk
  5. Status report – FoodReach Toronto: lowering food costs for social agencies and community groups
    Paul Coleman, John Gultig, Barbara Emanuel, Marianne Gee, Heather Orpana
  6. Building capacity through urban agriculture: report on the askîy project
    Wanda Martin, Lindsey Vold
  7. Other PHAC publications

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