Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 38, No 11, November 2018

Volume 38 · Number 11 · November 2018

Table of Contents

  1. Development of a prenatal program for adults with personal histories of childhood abuse or neglect: a Delphi consensus consultation study
    Nicolas Berthelot, Roxanne Lemieux, Carl Lacharité
  2. Factors associated with sleep duration across life stages: results from the Canadian Health Measures Survey
    Vicky C. Chang, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Karen C. Roberts, Gayatri Jayaraman, Minh T. Do
  3. Evidence synthesis – Promotion of physical activity in rural, remote and northern settings: a Canadian call to action
    Candace I. J. Nykiforuk, Kayla Atkey, Sara Brown, Wayne Caldwell, Tracey Galloway, Jason Gilliland, Krystyna Kongats, Jonathan McGavock, Kim D. Raine
  4. Other PHAC publications

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