Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 41, No 1, January 2021

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Evidence synthesis

Evidence-informed interventions and best practices for supporting women experiencing or at risk of homelessness: a scoping review with gender and equity analysis
Anne Andermann, Sebastian Mott, Christine M. Mathew, Claire Kendall, Oreen Mendonca, Dawnmarie Harriott, Andrew McLellan, Alison Riddle, Ammar Saad, Warda Iqbal, Olivia Magwood, Kevin Pottie

Original qualitative research

Early childhood oral health promotion for First Nations and Métis communities and caregivers in Manitoba
Grace Kyoon-Achan, Robert J. Schroth, Julianne Sanguins, Rhonda Campbell, Daniella DeMaré, Melina Sturym, Jeanette Edwards, Mary Bertone, Lisette Dufour, Khalida Hai Santiago, Frances Chartrand, Tiffany Dhaliwal, Brayden Patterson, Joshua Levesque, Michael Moffatt, The Scaling Up the Healthy Smile Happy Child Team


Increases in exposure calls related to selected cleaners and disinfectants at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic: data from Canadian poison centres
Abdool Yasseen III, Deborah Weiss, Sandy Remer, Nina Dobbin, Morgan MacNeill, Bojana Bogeljic, Dennis Leong, Victoria Wan, Laurie Mosher, Guillaume Bélair, Margaret Thompson, Brooke Button, James Hardy, Shahid Perwaiz, Alysyn Smith, Richard Wootton

Release notice

Aging and Chronic Diseases: A Profile of Canadian Seniors

The Rourke Baby Record 2020 Edition and the Canadian Caries Risk Assessment Tool for Pre-Schoolers

The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada's Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2020


What popular bars post on social media platforms: a case for improved alcohol advertising regulation
Catherine Paradis, Jinhui Zhao, Sasha Joy-Goatley, Tim Stockwell


Call for papers – 2021 special issue: Tobacco and vaping prevention and control in Canada

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