Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 41, No 10, October 2021

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada Journal

Special issue: Tobacco control and Canada’s endgame, part I

Guest Editors: Jennifer L. O’Loughlin and Thierry Gagné

Inside this issue


Tobacco smoking prevention and control in Canada: where do we go from here?
Thierry Gagné, Jennifer L. O’Loughlin


Protecting vulnerable groups from tobacco-related harm during and following the COVID-19 pandemic
Osnat C. Melamed, Laurie Zawertailo, Robert Schwartz, Leslie Buckley, Peter Selby

Is “less than 5 by 35” still achievable?
Les Hagen, Robert Schwartz

Original quantitative research

Investigating individual-level correlates of e-cigarette initiation among a large sample of Canadian high school students
Gillian C. Williams, Adam G. Cole, Margaret de Groh, Ying Jiang, Scott T. Leatherdale

Initiation or cessation: what keeps the prevalence of smoking higher in Quebec than in the rest of Canada?
Annie Pelekanakis, Jennifer L. O’Loughlin, Thierry Gagné, Cynthia Callard, Katherine L. Frohlich


Cigarette affordability in Canadian provinces: a 10-year review
Melissa Worrell, Les Hagen


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