Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 42, No 10, October 2022

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada Journal

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Original quantitative research

Support for health care workers and psychological distress: thinking about now and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic
Rima Styra, Laura Hawryluck, Allison McGeer, Michelle Dimas, Eileen Lam, Peter Giacobbe, Gianni Lorello, Neil Dattani, Jack Sheen, Valeria E. Rac, Troy Francis, Peter E. Wu, Wing-Si Luk, Jeya Nadarajah, Wayne L. Gold

Factors associated with high health care spending among patients with schizophrenia
Andrew J. Stewart, Scott B. Patten, Kirsten M. Fiest, Tyler S. Williamson, James P. Wick, Paul E. Ronksley


Clinical public health: harnessing the best of both worlds in sickness and in health
Bernard C. K. Choi, Arlene S. King, Kathryn Graham, Rose Bilotta, Peter Selby, Bart J. Harvey, Neeru Gupta, Shaun K. Morris, Eric Young, Pierrette Buklis, Donna L. Reynolds, Beth Rachlis, Ross Upshur

Moment of reckoning for household food insecurity monitoring in Canada
Valerie Tarasuk, Andrée-Anne Fafard St-Germain, Timmie Li


Characteristics of outdoor motorized scooter-related injuries: analysis of data from the electronic Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (eCHIRPP)
Sofiia Desiateryk, Sarah Zutrauen, Ze Wang, Ithayavani Iynkkaran, Lina Ghandour, Steven R. McFaull, Greg Butler, James Cheesman, André Champagne, Minh T. Do


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