Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 42, No 9, September 2022

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada Journal

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Evidence synthesis

Accuracy of administrative database algorithms for autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder case ascertainment: a systematic review
Siobhan O'Donnell, Sarah Palmeter, Meghan Laverty, Claudia Lagacé

Sleep duration and eating behaviours among adolescents: a scoping review
Natalie Doan, Amanda Parker, Katherine Rosati, Ella van Beers, Mark A. Ferro

Original quantitative research

Correlates of perceived success of health-promoting interventions in elementary schools
Erin K. O'Loughlin, Jodi Kalubi, Teodora Riglea, Annie Pelekanakis, Jennifer L. O'Loughlin

Do school characteristics, based on the Comprehensive School Health framework, contribute to youth meeting national physical activity recommendations over time?
Melissa Pirrie, Valerie Carson, Joel A. Dubin, Scott T. Leatherdale


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