Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 43, No 1, January 2023

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada Journal

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Evidence synthesis

Scoping review of children’s and youth’s outdoor play publications in Canada
Louise de Lannoy, Kheana Barbeau, Nick Seguin, Mark S. Tremblay

Original quantitative research

Factors associated with cannabis use in early adolescence
Robert J. Wellman, Erin K. O’Loughlin, Marie-Pierre Sylvestre, Erika N. Dugas, Jennifer L. O’Loughlin

Stressors and symptoms associated with a history of adverse childhood experiences among older adolescents and young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic in Manitoba, Canada
Samantha Salmon, Tamara L. Taillieu, Ashley Stewart-Tufescu, Harriet L. MacMillan, Lil Tonmyr, Andrea Gonzalez, Tracie O. Afifi

The Alberta Congenital Anomalies Surveillance System: a 40-year review with prevalence and trends for selected congenital anomalies, 1997–2019
R. Brian Lowry, Tanya Bedard, Xin Grevers, Susan Crawford, Steven C. Greenway, Mary E. Brindle, Harvey B. Sarnat, A. Robertson Harrop, Gerhard N. Kiefer, Mary Ann Thomas

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Canadian Cancer Statistics : A 2022 special report on cancer prevalence


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