Changes to the Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument: Strengthening Employment Equity Requirements and Adding a Training Requirement on Unconscious Bias (21-07)

Dear Colleagues,

In response to recommendations in the Audit of Employment Equity Representation in Recruitment, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has committed to strengthening employment equity obligations and fostering inclusive hiring processes in the public service.

This is why we have added the following requirements to the Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument:

  1. Deputy heads must ensure the review of their appointment or appointment-related employment systems, policies and practices, where underrepresentation has been identified.
  2. Establish training pre-requisites for sub-delegation, which must include training on unconscious bias.

The new requirement for training on unconscious bias will be effective April 1, 2022. In the meantime, deputy heads can define their training needs and provide the required training to sub-delegated managers so that they are ready to exercise appointment authorities after that date.

Although the type of training is at the discretion of each deputy head, we encourage you to consider the Inclusive hiring practices for a diverse workforce (H205) course. Developed by the Canada School of Public Service, this course focuses on unconscious bias in the hiring process and inclusive staffing practices. It is expected to be offered by fall 2021.

We also encourage you to offer this training to all those responsible for appointment processes in your organization.

We have updated the Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument to reflect these changes.

For more information, please contact your PSC staffing support advisor, who will be pleased to answer your questions.

Gaveen Cadotte
Vice-President, Policy and Communications Sector
Public Service Commission of Canada

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