Letters to Heads of Human Resources

Letters to Heads of Human Resources are issued on an "as-needed" basis by the Public Service Commission to the human resources community, including heads of human resources, chiefs of staffing, human resources advisers and bargaining agents.


Most Public Service Commission documents published prior to 2015 are no longer available on our site. Please visit the Library and Archives Canada website.

Number Date Sent Subject
22-07 2022-11-01 Review of the Affirmation of Indigenous Identity in Appointment Processes
22-06 2022-10-03 Launch of the Candidate Assessment Tool for second language evaluations
22-05 2022-07-15 Authorization for departments and agencies to use an alternative method to assess second language proficiency
22-04 2022-06-28
Regulations Amending the Student Employment Programs Participants Regulations
22-03 2022-06-22 Post-secondary recruitment inventories make staffing easier
22-02 2022-05-04 New Guide on Employment Systems Review
22-01 2022-01-31 Extension and changes to temporary measures for second language evaluation and changes to terms of use for unsupervised test results
Number Date Sent Subject
20-17 2020-12-23 New deployment option for persons employed at the National Capital Commission
20-16 2020-12-17 Changes to the Public Service Commission’s second language interviews for levels B and C
20-15 2020-12-01 Revised Annex D reporting form for fiscal year 2020–21
20-14 2020-09-18 Amended conditions for the use of COVID-related measures for second language assessment
20-13 2020-07-08 New Public Service Commission unsupervised test of reading comprehension for level B or C
20-12 2020-06-30 Update on Public Service Commission second language interviews for levels B and C
20-11 2020-06-23 Extension of measures supporting departments and agencies
2020-06-04 New Public Service Commission unsupervised test of written expression for level B or C
20-09 2020-05-22 Assess candidates at your convenience using pre-recorded video interviews
New Public Service Commission second language interviews for levels B and C
2020-05-08 Expansion of Public Service Commission measures to support departments and agencies
20-06 2020-03-30 COVID-19: Information for human resources specialists – tools available
2020-03-24 Measures to increase Public Service Commission support to departments and agencies
20-04 2020-03-16 Testing and support from the Public Service Commission
20-03 2020-02-24 Are you looking for employees? Check out the Public Service Commission of Canada’s 2019–20 Post-Secondary Recruitment inventories 
20-02 2020-02-06 Time to start thinking about summer student hiring!
20-01 2020-02-03 New deployment option for persons employed at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Number Date Sent Subject
19-10 2019-10-18 Persons employed at the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency Secretariat can now deploy to organizations subject to the Public Service Employment Act
19-09 2019-10-09 Take a sneak peek at our Fall Post-Secondary Recruitment campaign!
19-08 2019-08-16 Hire fully qualified human resources candidates at the PE-1 level
19-07 2019-07-16 Diverse pool of 17 fully qualified and assessed candidates at the EX-1 level now available
19-06 2019-06-19 Participate in the 2019 Post-secondary Recruitment campaign!
19-05 2019-05-24 Overview of the results of the organizational cyclical assessments
19-04 2019-04-11 Let’s hire – graduate inventories available now
19-03 2019-03-19 2019 Elections – Political Activities of Public Servants
19-02 2019-02-15 Targeted inventories available now - Build a more inclusive public service
19-01 2019-01-31 Launch of the Orientation Program for Persons with a Priority Entitlement
Number Date Sent Subject
18-09 2018-10-31 Seeking Input from Heads of Human Resources on the Public Service Commission’s Open Datasets
18-08 2018-06-07 Possible Recourse for Persons with a Priority Entitlement
18-07 2018-05-25 Public Service-Wide Pools
18-06 2018-05-08 Public Service Commission assessment tools aligned with new competency profiles
18-05 2018-05-03 Recruitment and Renewal - Let’s Keep Working Together
18-04 2018-02-23 Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity
18-03 2018-02-15 Release of the 2017-2018 Post-Secondary Recruitment Inventories by the Public Service Commission
18-02 2018-02-07 Priority Entitlements Program Changes
18-01 2018-01-30 Review of the Public Service Commission’s price list
Number Date Sent Subject
17-07 2017-11-10 Publishing of the Public Service Commission’s data on Canada’s Open Data Portal
17-06 2017-07-20 Temporary unavailability of Public Service Commission online systems and e-mail services
17-05 2017-06-27 2017 Elections - Political Activities of Employees
17-04 2017-06-07 The Public Service Commission is recruiting graduates for you
17-03 2017-01-31 Federal Student Work Experience Program 2017 (FSWEP)
17-02 2017-01-31 Public Service Commission – Launch of the Redesigned Investigation Branch Webpage
17-01 2017-01-16 Public Service Commission assessments tools aligned with the new Key Leadership Competency profile
Number Date Sent Subject
16-05 2016-11-16 Changes to the consideration process of persons with a priority entitlement
16-04 2016-05-10 The Public Service Commission: Recruiting for You!
16-03 2016-04-01 Implementing the New Direction in Staffing
16-02 2016-03-09 PSC Staffing Briefs published on GCPedia
16-01 2016-03-03 2016 Elections: Political Activities of Employees
Number Date Sent Subject
15-17 2015-12-17 New Direction in Staffing – Removal of requirements under the current Appointment Framework
15-16 2015-12-11 New second official language self-assessment tests
15-15 2015-11-24 Information sessions on Public Service Commission staffing solutions
15-14 2015-10-20 Public Service Commission executive assessment tools aligned with the new Key Leadership Competency profile
15-13 2015-10-20 Best practices for unsupervised testing – a new tool for human resources specialists and hiring managers
15-12 2015-08-07 2015 Federal Election - Political Activities of Employees
15-11 2015-07-23 Implementing the Veterans Hiring Act
15-10 2015-07-16 Administrative and clerical public service–wide pools are an effective and efficient solution for your staffing needs!
15-09 2015-07-14 Reference List update – Organizations' statutory links with the Public Service Commission and the Public Service Employment Act
15-08 2015-07-08 Launch of two New Political Activities Tools
15-07 2015-06-17 2015 Post-Secondary Recruitment campaign: Hire quickly & effectively
15-06 2015-03-10 Hire graduates now: Post-Secondary Recruitment Career Stream Inventories
15-05 2015-03-09 2015 Elections: Political Activities of Employees
15-04 2015-03-05 Launch of the new Public Service Entrance Exam
15-03 2015-02-06 Temporary unavailability of Public Service Commission Web sites, on-line systems and e-mail services
15-02 2015-02-03 Consolidation of online recruitment systems
15-01 2015-01-15 2014-2015 Assessment of organizational staffing performance
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