Applying for Government of Canada jobs: What happens next

After you apply


Security clearance

All positions within the Government of Canada require a security status or clearance. In the final stages of a job process, if you don’t have the required security status or clearance, the hiring manager or HR advisor will launch the process, and you’ll receive forms to fill out. Some departments and agencies might require you to go through an enhanced security process.

There are 3 levels of security:

Criminal record check

This is a mandatory step under the security status/clearance process. All successful candidates are required to undergo a criminal record check (fingerprinting) through the department (or agency) before being hired. The hiring manager will contact you about this process.

Tips and tricks

Being found qualified or placed in a pool

  • Network! 
  • Being found qualified means that you’ve met some or all the qualifications needed to do the job
  • The email that the department or agency sends you usually indicates if a pool of candidates has been created
  • Being found qualified or placed in a pool doesn’t guarantee a job offer, but hiring managers may draw from pools of qualified candidates to fill vacancies months or years later
  • Other hiring managers may get your name from the pool to hire for similar jobs
  • Use the fact that you’ve been found qualified to network with contacts and on social media… you might find your next job this way!

Tips and tricks


  • Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted
  • Look for opportunities and apply again. Each application gets easier! 

If you’re in a pool: network! 

  • Getting into a pool means that you’ve met some or all the requirements needed to do the job
  • Pools usually last for one year or more
  • Managers may get your name from the pool for a related job
  • Being in a pool makes it easier for hiring managers from all the federal departments and agencies to hire you

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