Employment Equity – Leveraging Staffing Options for Hiring Managers 

Where do I start?

  • Understand your hiring and organizational needs
    • Consult employment equity plan
    • Consult HR/Business plans & strategies for employment equity objectives
  • Consider organizational direction or guidelines for employment equity hiring
  • Identify skills shortages and gaps in representation
  • Establish hiring targets based on statistical evidence
  • Consider the current and future needs of the organization or the public service as a whole
  • Consult your HR advisor
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What staffing options do I have?

  1. Restrict the area of selection to employment equity groups. For example:

    Who can apply: Members of the following Employment Equity group: Aboriginal peoples
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  2. Establish a different area of selection (geographical, organizational or occupational) for employment equity groups. For example:

    Who can apply: Persons employed in Department X across Canada and persons with disabilities employed in the public service across Canada
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  3. Identify employment equity as a merit criterion (specifically, a current or future organizational need). For example:

    The following may be applied / assessed at a later date (may be needed for the job)
    In support of achieving a diversified workforce, consideration may be given to candidates self-declaring as belonging to one of the following employment equity groups: Aboriginal peoples, persons with Disabilities, members of visible minorities and women.

  4. Use a non-advertised appointment process (if decision is in-line with Deputy Head’s direction on the use of advertised and non-advertised appointment processes)

Did you know?

  • You may use these 4 staffing options to address current as well as forecasted representation gaps.
  • When you use these staffing options in accordance with an employment equity program, you only need to consider persons with a priority entitlement who have self-declared as employment equity group members.

Diversity and inclusiveness

To support the broader goal of diversity and inclusion across the federal public service, organizational needs may be considered


  • Based on evidence, link appointment strategies:
    • To fulfill legal obligations (for example: Nunavut Lands Claim Agreement)
    • To meet operational / business needs (for example: hiring of women correctional officers for the women’s facilities)
    • To support the organization’s mandate (for example: Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada hire more Indigenous people)

Staffing solutions – Advice & guidance


Your human resources advisor can help you develop effective strategies.

In addition, the PSC offers the following resources:

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