How to request accommodation for a candidate

This section is intended for human resources (HR) specialists. Candidates who wish to request an assessment accommodation are invited to consult How to request assessment accommodation.


HR advisors who are not already familiar with the Assessment Accommodation Unit’s function should read The assessment accommodation process and the Roles and responsibilities sections of this website before submitting their request. They can also find more information in this FAQ.

HR is not required to contact the Public Service Commission (PSC) when accommodation is needed for a non-PSC test. They can determine the accommodation themselves, in collaboration with the candidate.

Human resources representatives should inform the Public Service Commission as soon as possible when assessment accommodation measures are required for Public Service Commission tests. For the Second Language Evaluation – Oral Language Assessment, and for second language reading comprehension and written expression tests administered in person at a Public Service Commission test centre, please submit your request through the Second Language Evaluation Scheduling System and indicate that assessment accommodation is required. 

For all other Public Service Commission tests, you must place a request directly in the Assessment Accommodation Request System. This includes requests for:

For departmental tests (including alternative second language evaluations), you may request an assessment accommodation consultation with an expert (there is a fee for this service). These requests must also be made directly in the Assessment Accommodation Request System.

Proceeding to your request

We will contact HR by email in the days following the submission of the request.

HR should have all the following information ready before to fill out their request, since they will not be able to save it in the system:

  • name of candidate
  • type of disability or need
  • test for which the candidate requires accommodation

Access the Assessment Accommodation Request System.

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