General Competency Test: Level 2 (GCT2) Sample Test

The following questions are similar to those on the General Competency Test: Level 2 (GCT2). The correct answers are at the bottom of this page. You may find it helpful to review high school level mathematics and read extensively to increase your vocabulary.

Type I – Vocabulary

Select the word or phrase that best defines the word in UPPERCASE letters.

Question 1


  1. concise, briefly expressed
  2. filled with juice
  3. serving to draw in by suction
  4. mentally acute, ingenious
  5. resulting or terminating favorably

Type II – Figural Relations

There are two kinds of figural relations questions.

Figure Completion.

Identify the figure that logically completes the series.

Question 2

This is an example of a figure completion question.

Figure Analogies.

Identify the relationship between the first two figures, then select the answer figure that bears the same relationship to the third figure.

Question 3

This is an example of a figure analogy question.

Type III – Number and Letter Series

Find the rule used to produce each series, then select the answer (number or letter) which would logically complete the series.

Question 4

2,   3,   6,   11,   18,   27,

(1) 36   (2) 29   (3) 31   (4) 38   (5) 34

Question 5

50A,   60C,   55E,   65G,   60I,   70K,   65M,   75__

(1) L   (2) N   (3) O   (4) P   (5) Q

Type IV – Numerical Problems

The numerical questions require you to use basic arithmetic skills. You are permitted to use a calculator and rough paper to arrive at your answers.

Question 6

Using a 100-litre can of gasoline, a person fills three smaller cans equally and has 1/4 of the original amount left over. How may litres does each of the smaller cans hold?

(1) 25   (2) 20   (3) 16   (4) 30   (5) 331/3

Type V – Analytical Reasoning

In this section, you read a short passage and then answer a set of questions pertaining to it. “A new book on Intergroup Relations will contain seven chapters (Theories, Reducing Prejudice, Values, Movements, Cross-Cultural Research, The Legal System and Education) which can be assembled in a variety of orders. However, the first and second chapters must be Theories and The Legal System respectively. Furthermore, the Values and Movements chapters must not be separated by another topic."

Question 7

If the Cross-Cultural Research chapter is placed third, in how many ways can the book be organized?

(1) 4   (2) 8   (3) 12   (4) 16   (5) 32


  1. (1)
  2. (3)
  3. (2)
  4. (4)
  5. (3)
  6. (1)
  7. (3)
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