Consultation and Test Services

Consultation Services

Telephone: 819-420-8671
Fax: 819-420-8594

Your single window to PPC's products and services. Our consultants will provide you with information, advice and training to optimize the use of our products and services in support of your organizational objectives in HR management. As required, we will also put you in contact with other PPC service providers. Communicate with Consultation Services at or 819-420-8671.

Our mandate is to help you:

  • Identify and define your assessment needs related to HR management issues
  • Improve your knowledge and skills by providing workshops related to HR management activities
  • Choose the most appropriate assessment strategy, instrument or service to use in your HR management applications
  • Gain a better understanding and appreciation of the assessment instruments and services offered by the PPC through the rapid intervention of our Assessment Consultants
  • Deal with employment equity issues as they apply to assessment concerns
  • Identify potential biases and barriers in your assessment methods (accessible only on the Government of Canada network) that could disadvantage people belonging to any equity-seeking group, and determine appropriate mitigation strategies

Assessment accommodation

Telephone: 819-420-8690
Toll free: 1-833-243-6933
Fax: 819-420-8322

Assessment accommodation is designed to remove obstacles that are presented by the method of testing, without modifying the nature or level of the qualifications that are being evaluated. The Personnel Psychology Centre has specialist consultants who:

  • Provide information and advice to managers and human (HR) resources advisors on assessment accommodation;
  • Recommend specific measures to be applied when candidates from designated groups take a Public Service Commission test;
  • Recommend accommodation for organizational assessments, on a cost recovery basis; and
  • Offer workshops (workshops and webinars) to HR advisors and hiring managers to enhance their assessment accommodation knowledge.

E-Testing and Test Administration

Serving the public service, the E-Testing and Test Administration (ETTA) team provides assistance for the evaluation and administration of exams for selection and developmental purposes.

1. Online and paper/pencil test ordering including shipping & receiving of paper/pencil test material

Information available:

Online Test Ordering System
Telephone: 819-420-8430

ETTA service standard to order paper/pencil tests:

  • 5 business days following receipt of an order, excluding shipping time.

Service provider service standard for delivery of material in addition to ETTA service standard:

  • As the service provider possesses its own service standard, delivery times vary depending on the geographic location (allow additional delivery time for unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, test centers in remote areas and any other contingency).

2. Support for administration of online exams, incident related to PSC exams and training and certification of online and paper/pencil test administrator

Information available:

Overview of the Online Testing Facility and

Telephone: 819-420-8660

3. PSC test results

Information available:

Information pertaining to previous PSC test results available:

Confirmation of previous test results
Telephone: 819-420-6686

Information pertaining to second language evaluation results available:

Test Results Search Tool for Second Language Evaluation
Telephone: 819-420-8557

4. Rescore request

Information available:

Online form for Human Resources Advisors to request a rescore of Second Language Evaluation (SLE).

Telephone: 819-420-6536

Test Defence Services

Telephone: 819-420-8671
Fax: 819-420-8594

Through the Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC), the Public Service Commission (PSC) responds to complaints on competitive processes where the use of a PSC test is challenged. PPC's Test Defence experts work with departmental/agency officials dealing with inquiries or complaints relating to PSC tests in a variety of ways, including:

  • overseeing the response to requests for access to protected PSC test material;
  • providing support in responding to informal complaints relating to the use of PSC tests;
  • working with departmental/agency officials, as required, to respond to formal complaints relating to the use of PSC tests (including complaints to judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals and investigative bodies);
  • providing expert testimony, when required, in the context of complaints to judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals or investigative bodies; and
  • providing advice on complex issues relating to the statutory and policy framework within which standardized PSC tests are used for public service staffing.

Test approval

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