Public Service Entrance Exam – Test of Judgement 375


The purpose of the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE) – Test of Judgement 375 (TOJ 375) is to assess an individual's judgement for officer-level positions in the federal public service. Hiring managers may use it on its own or as the final step in a two-part assessment following an unsupervised version of the test (e.g., TOJ UIT 374). It can be used to assist managers in making selection decisions for appointment or for placement in training programs.

This test can be administered as a paper-and-pencil test or as an e-test with the Public Service Commission's Online Testing Facility (OLTF). Consult the Understanding the Public Service Entrance Exam Suite of Products Web page to learn more about the suite of related products


The TOJ 375 is a supervised test designed to assess the judgement required for solving problems in work-related situations and consists of 40 multiple choice questions.

The time limit is 60 minutes to complete this test.

Pass mark

The minimum pass mark is 3400/4000 (35th percentile or better), which means applicants must place in the top 65% of a large group of previous test-takers (normative sample).

At the hiring manager's discretion, the pass mark may be set as high as the 50th percentile. In other words, to pass this test, an applicant would have to place in the top 50% of the normative sample. This corresponds to a score of 3461/4000.


There is a 180 day waiting period before you can rewrite the test. You may not retake it until the re-test period has elapsed. If you rewrite the test before the re-test period has elapsed, your result will not be valid and a new re-test period will be imposed from the most recent test date.

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