Transcript – Introduction to the Personnel Psychology Centre

The Public Service Commission’s Personnel Psychology Centre offers personalized solutions to help build your workforce.

We help cultivate your organization’s workforce by supporting your hiring and career development needs.

Our readily available assessment tools and services are designed to meet your needs. But no two organizations are the same. That’s why we also offer expertly tailored products.

Our assessment experts and psychologists will research, develop and administer leading-edge tools to meet your needs.

As a psychologist that specializes in industrial and organizational psychology, I have the opportunity to work with colleagues from different backgrounds and we are able to elaborate approaches that are very unique. This can answer our client needs and help us to contribute to a diverse but also a representative public service.

If you’re looking for the right talent now, we’re here to help. If you’re looking ahead, we can help develop your employees for the future.

You can get advice on accessible testing, get expert help targeting critical competencies or developing effective assessment strategies.

The Personnel Psychology Center gave me very valuable advice. We were really looking for that expert knowledge and advice. The support of the Personnel Psychology Centre allowed us to select the best fit candidates.

We’ll match tools to your needs. All our assessment products are developed in consultation with subject-matter experts across the public service. Tests are accessible and available in multiple formats.

We offer fair, third-party competency assessments that test for a wide range of skills, including: leadership, personality, communication, strategic thinking, and judgment.

As your employees develop their skills and take on new roles in your organization, we can offer the support they need to lead and succeed.

Our Executive Counselling Services can provide existing and aspiring leaders with the career development and coaching support they need to become top leaders.

What the Centre has brought is a very fair and transparent approach to our selection process. I find that the people that we've worked with from the Centre have always been very positive; but beyond positive, they've actually adapted their content so when they're actually giving information, they're able to modify it for an Indigenous audience.

When you need fair, accessible, and adaptable tools, contact us! Our experts across the country are ready to help.

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