Video: Meet Procurement Assistance Canada


Start of video

[Music plays]

(Text on screen: Public Services and Procurement Canada)

[Shot of a blue band swipes across the lower part of the screen as a light bulb appears to the left. Cogs appear around the light bulb as it lights up. A circle with a handshake icon appears on the right above words which animate in.]

(Text on screen: Business Agreement with the Government of Canada)

Do you have goods and services to sell to the Government of Canada, but you’re not sure where to start?

[The animations swipe away to a white screen.]

[A network of icons animates in all connected with lines. The Centre icon is a handshake. Five outer icons in the network represent various communication, collaboration, networking and other integration with technology images.]

(Text on screen: Procurement Assistance Canada. Here to support you)

[The images slide away as a new graphic animates in. It includes a purple platform with three people, two are sitting and learning as a third presents from an oversized tablet representation. They utilize technology as they learn. The characters fade away and one person fades in their place. They are reviewing an oversized clipboard with contract details with a large pen ready by to sign. The images fade away as the blue bar animates in again.]

Procurement Assistance Canada is here to support you, and to help you learn how to compete for federal contracts.

[Three circles and icons animate in on the top of the screen. They contain icons representing meetings for Webinars and seminars, People communicating representing resources and two individuals in one-on-one meeting representing personalized assistance.]

(Text on screen: Seminars, Resources, Personalized Assistance.)

We offer free seminars, resources and personalized assistance to businesses.

[The icons and bar animate away to bring back the purple platform with two persons standing over a desk.]

[Two persons shake hands over a desk with technology and contracts laid out. They fade away.]

[A new character fades in on an oversized laptop. Bars representing text on a checklist have green checkmarks animate on to each line representing fulfilling each objective on the list.]

[The person and laptop fade away with the single platform and several platforms move in from various directions creating a network of working individuals on different tiers doing different tasks. The individuals are multicultural working with each other and technology. One final platform moves in with an individual giving the thumbs up.]

With our help, you can: understand how federal procurement works, learn how to find and bid on contracting opportunities and discover procurement programs and services for equity-deserving businesses.

(Text on screen: Procurement Assistance Canada. Helping you with Federal Procurement)

[Animation slides off to the left as a bar containing the web address animates in. There is an icon on the bar representing people chatting.]

Procurement Assistance Canada: Helping you with federal procurement.

(Text on screen: Learn more at

Contact us by visiting

[The animates fade away.]

(Text on screen: Check us out:,, Business with the Government of Canada)

[Music stops]

(Public Services and Procurement Canada signature)

(Canada Wordmark)

End of video

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