Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment project

Learn about the forward-looking project to transform the federal buildings and lands of Tunney’s Pasture into a vibrant, sustainable, mixed-use urban community in the nation’s capital.

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Project overview


Ottawa, Ontario
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Type of project

Urban Campus Redevelopment

Lead department

Public Services and Procurement Canada : Real Property

Next steps
  • Complete review of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on project planning
  • Engage with Indigenous partners and community groups
  • Seek approvals from the National Capital Commission (NCC)
  • Seek approvals from the Treasury Board Secretariat

Project description

Located on the western edge of Ottawa’s downtown core, Tunney’s Pasture is a 49-hectare (121 acre) federal office employment node. It currently provides office and lab space for about 13,000 employees.

Master plan

The NCC approved the Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan (TPMP) in 2014. The TPMP was part of a strategic long-term planning exercise to recognize the untapped development potential of the site.

Implementation of Master plan

The implementation plan has evolved since the TPMP was approved in 2014. The plan will provide more detailed analysis of the building and infrastructure requirements and guide investment decisions. It will define the lands to be retained for office accommodation and the surplus land for residential, commercial, and community uses. It will also provide guidelines on sustainability, accessibility and urban design for the redevelopment that line up with the Federal Government objectives.

After completion, the site will become a sustainable and accessible mixed use community that is fully integrated with surrounding neighbourhoods. It will provide amenities for the broader community as well as future residents and employees of Tunney’s Pasture.

As part of the planning process, we are collaborating with the Canada Lands Company (Canada Lands). While PSPC will continue to lead on all elements of the redevelopment related to Federal office accommodation, Canada Lands will be the lead on all residential and community developments at Tunney’s Pasture.

These engagements will allow us to share development objectives and provide opportunities to receive input from a variety of perspectives.

Key milestones

View enlarged image of timeline of key project milestone activities from 2014 to 2024, description below.
Image description

Key project milestone activities are chronologically identified on a left-to-right directional arrow. Completed activities include the Master Plan in 2014 and implementation plan studies from 2017 to 2019. Ongoing and planned activities include PSPC’s internal review of the impacts of COVID-19 from 2020 and ongoing, the beginning of Indigenous and community engagement in 2021, NCC approvals from 2022 to 2023, and Treasury Board approvals from 2023 to 2024.

Photo gallery

View enlarged image of Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Concept: Urban Main Street, Chardon and Yarrow.
View enlarged image of Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Concept: Lower density residential redevelopment, west side.
View enlarged image of Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Concept: New district heating and cooling centre, north west corner.

Benefits to Canadians

Create an innovative, sustainable mixed-use urban community

This community will be in line with Canada’s Federal Sustainable Development Strategy focusing on:

Create local and national economic benefits

Project background

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