Deduction and Earnings codes

These are the list of common abbreviations and acronyms of the Earnings and Deductions codes on the Pay stub.

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Table 1: List of earnings abbreviations and acronyms
Abbreviation and acronym Description
(H) Hourly
(S) Salaried
Ad Earn Additional Earnings
Add Additional
ADI Alternate Delivery Initiative
Adj Adjustment
Adj-Comp Adjustment Compensatory
Adm Administrative
All/Allow Allowance
Alter LS alternative lump sum
Bas Basic
CNV Conversion
Comp Compensation
Comm Diff Commission Differential
Comp for Pen Reduc - Eli Compensation for Pension Reduction
CSN Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
CX Correctional Services
DI/DB Disability Insurance/Death Benefits
Diff Differential
E Sep Ben Adj Not Elig Equity Separation Benefits Adjustment Non Eligible
Earn Earnings
Edu Education
Edu All Educational Allowance
ENR National Energy Board
Equ Sal Adj – Non Pen Equity Salary Adjustment-Non-pensionable
Exp Expenses
FY-1-N Pen Fiscal Year 1 Non-pensionable
Hi Higher
HOC House of Commons
Infl Inflatable
IOG Indian Oil and Gas Canada
LIA Leave with income averaging
LS Lump sum
LWOP Leave without pay
Med Rem Supp Prev Year - BC Medicare Remunerations Supplements Previous Year - British Columbia
MP Members of Parliament
MPRA Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances
NBC National Battlefield Commission
Non Eli/Elig Non-eligible/Eligible
Non Pen N-Pen Non-pensionable
NT Non-taxable
OT Overtime
PE Personnel Administration
Pen Pensionable
Prem Premium
Pr Ngt Premium Night
PSSA Public Service Superannuation Act
Quart Quarters
RCA Retirement Compensation Arrangement
Reg Regular
Retro Retroactivity
ROC Return of Contribution
SC Ships Crew
Sec Second
Sep Ben Separation benefit
SO Ship’s Officer
Subs Subsequent
Sup BC Supplementary - British Columbia
Ter EE Term Employees
TR Translation Group
TSM Transition Support Measure
Vac Vacation
Vol Volunteer


Table 2: List of deductions abbreviations and acronyms
Abbreviation and acronym Description
Acc Accountable
AD/D Accidental Death/Dismemberment
Adv Advance
Arr Arrears
BEN/Ben Benefits
Can Assn of Prof Empl (CAPE) Canadian Association of Professional Employees
Can Forces Canadian Forces
Can Union of Pub Emp (CUPE) Canadian Union of Public Employees
CEP Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada
CFY Current Fiscal Year
CMCFA Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association
CU Credit Union
Curr Current
Deficienc Deficiencies
Dep Department
DSSA Diplomatic Services (Special) Superannuation Act
EE Employee or Employee Paid
EI Employment Insurance
Ener Energy
ER Employer Paid
FY Fiscal Year
GCWCC Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign
ID Identification
LTD Long Term Disability
LWOP Leave Without Pay
MPRA Member of Parliament Retiring Allowance
MPRAA Members of Parliament Retiring Allowance Act
MPRCA Members of Parliament Retirement Compensation Arrangement
NFB National Film Board
NRC National Research Council of Canada
Ops Ontario Public Service
PFY Previous Fiscal Year
PSAC Public Service Alliance of Canada
PSHCP Public Services Health Care Plan
PSMIP Public Service Management Insurance Plan
P/Y Previous Year
QC Quebec
QIT Quebec Income Tax
RCA Retirement Compensation Arrangements
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Retro Retroactive or Retroactivity
ROC Return of Contribution
Senate Pro Serv Sta Assn Senate Protection Services Staff Association
SUPP/Suppl Supplementary
TCTI Transport Canada Training Institute
WP Winnipeg

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