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Throughout July and August 2023, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) engaged identified community organizations supporting persons with disabilities to assess how the Agency is progressing in delivering upon its first Accessibility Plan. The CRA also engaged employees with disabilities through these organizations, to seek their perspectives based on their lived experiences and recent interactions with the Agency.

This consultation project focused on persons with disabilities’ views about the progress CRA has made on addressing accessibility barriers since the CRA published its first Accessibility Plan in December 2022. The insights gathered from these consultations will inform the development of the 2023 Accessibility Progress Report.

How to participate

Participants were recruited through identified non-profit organizations. Consultations have now closed, and we are no longer accepting additional participants. 

Who is the focus of this consultation

The CRA engaged identified non-profit organizations that work directly with persons with disabilities accessing the Agency’s programs and services, and requested that these organizations share this consultation opportunity with their clients; namely, persons with disabilities who have interacted with the Agency since January 1, 2023. These interactions could include:

With this in mind, both representatives of these organizations and members of the public who self-identified as being an individual with a disability participated in this consultation.

Key questions for discussion

On July 11, 2019, the Accessible Canada Act was enacted – formalizing the Government of Canada’s commitment to proactively identify, remove, and prevent barriers to accessibility wherever individuals interact with federal programs and services. This means going beyond just meeting accessibility standards and regulations; it means ensuring that accessibility is fully incorporated throughout the design and delivery of its programs and services.

In December 2022, the CRA took its first steps to become a barrier-free organization by publishing its first Accessibility Plan. To ensure that it is on the right track in delivering upon its Plan, the CRA sought feedback from persons with disabilities on:

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