Getting assessed as a candidate

Get information about what to do before, during, and after your assessment.

Before your assessment

Take the time to get ready for your assessment by:

Finding out more about the CRA assessment options

The CRA uses a variety of assessment options to select the best candidates, and you may be invited for one or more assessments during a staffing process.

To prepare for an assessment, we encourage you to get familiar with the information that is provided to you about it.

  • If you are invited to complete an assessment from the following list of CRA assessment options, select an option from the list to get more details about it, as well as how it will be administered.
  • If you are invited to another assessment selected by the staffing board, or an assessment that has been developed for a specific job, carefully review the information you will receive from the staffing board before the assessment takes place.
Requesting assessment accommodation as soon a possible
Request accommodation as soon as possible:
  • If you require accommodation based on one of the prohibited grounds for discrimination stated in the Canadian Human Rights Act;
  • If you have a limitation that could affect your ability to fully demonstrate your qualifications.
Practicing with sample questions when available
  • Some assessments offer the option of practicing with sample questions. For Internet-based assessments, you may have the option to practice using the platform just before you start your assessment. When this option is available, we encourage you to practice, because that will give you an idea of what to expect during your assessment.
  • Your invitation should also tell you if you need any specialized training, knowledge, or experience to complete the assessment.
Checking if you have previous assessment results
  • Results from many assessments can be used for more than one staffing process. If you have already achieved the required score or level needed for a staffing process, you might not have to complete the assessment again so it is important to check if you have previous results. It is also important that you do not complete the same assessment within the retest period because any results you achieve will not be valid and your retest period will be extended.
  • You can check your previous CRA results using your Candidate profile: results. You can confirm previous Public Service Commission of Canada test results by contacting the Commission.
During your assessment

If you are invited to complete an assessment:

At a specific location

Make sure you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the location, so that you can arrive ahead of the start time. This will help you to avoid feeling rushed or overly stressed. You also do not want be late, because you will not be allowed into the room once the assessment has started.
  • Bring at least one piece of photo identification that has your signature.
  • Do not bring cell phones, USB keys, personal digital assistants, or other electronic devices that can be used to record or share test material, unless you are asked to bring them. Otherwise, you may have to leave them with the person supervising your assessment. 

Make sure you:

  • Select a place that is quiet, and free from interruptions.
  • Plan to complete the assessment when you are at your best during the assessment period.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to complete your assessment, as this will help you to be less stressed, especially if there are any technical problems.
  • Have access to a laptop or desktop, because not all mobile devices are supported.
  • Have a stable, high-speed Internet connection.
  • Use the most recent Mac or Android browsers, such as: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Have enough battery power to complete your assessment.
Helpful information when completing your assessment:

Minimal computer skills are needed to complete online or Internet-based assessments.

You also should:

  • Read the instructions thoroughly and completely before you begin.
  • Organize your time, work quickly, and use all the time available.
  • Review your answers, if this option is available and you have the time to do so.
  • Write neatly if you are asked to provide handwritten answers or information.

Your responses will be protected and kept confidential, and only used to assess your qualifications in the staffing process.

If you do not feel well on the day of your assessment and think this will affect your assessment results, you must inform the contact for the staffing process as soon as possible. The contact information is in your invitation letter.

Cheating during assessment

The CRA is committed to fostering a culture of integrity and considers cheating on an assessment a very serious offence.

Cheating can include the following types of behaviour:

  • getting, or trying to get, access assessment content outside an authorized testing session
  • collaborating with, or copying from, other candidates
  • discussing assessment content with anyone
  • asking someone for help or to complete an assessment for you
  • completing an assessment for another candidate
  • copying, recording, or taking pictures of assessment content
  • distributing the assessment content for commercial or non-commercial use
  • plagiarism

The content of the standardized assessments used by the CRA is protected by copyright laws and any reproduction, recording, or sharing in any form is not allowed. You also will not be able to obtain or see a copy of standardized assessment material, because it is protected under the Access to Information Act.

Candidates suspected of cheating, committing fraud or being involved in improperly disclosing protected assessment material will be referred to the relevant authorities for investigation.

After your assessment

The manager responsible for the staffing process will provide you with your assessment results. In some cases, they may wait until all results are available before they provide yours.

Your results letter will tell you if any recourse or rescore is available for the assessment you completed. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of your results.

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