Disability Advisory Committee


On November 23, 2017, the Minister of National Revenue announced that the Disability Advisory Committee is being re-instated. The Committee will be a way for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to connect with a wide range of stakeholders and take their views into account as we administer tax measures for people with disabilities.


The Committee’s core role will be to provide advice to the Minister of National Revenue and the Commissioner of the CRA on the administration and interpretation of the laws and programs related to disability tax measures administered by the CRA, and on ways in which we can take into consideration the needs and expectations of the disability community as well as increase awareness and take-up of measures for people with disabilities.

The Committee will advise the CRA on how we can better inform people with disabilities and various stakeholders about tax measures and important administrative changes.  The Committee will also review the CRA’s administrative practices and make recommendations on how we can enhance the quality of our services for people with disabilities.

Committee Composition and Members’ Roles

The Committee will be co-chaired by Frank Vermaeten, CRA Assistant Commissioner, and by Dr. Karen R. Cohen, CEO of the Canadian Psychological Association. The Committee will include 12 voluntary unpaid members including people with disabilities, qualified health practitioners, advocates from the disability and Indigenous communities, and professionals from a variety of fields, such as tax professionals and lawyers.

They will suggest relevant topics for discussion during meetings and will identify issues that the CRA should consider in the design of services. Members will also offer advice and recommendations on CRA services, products, policies, issues and initiatives that are presented to the Committee.

The Minister of National Revenue, along with the Commissioner of the CRA, will appoint the members and determine the length of their terms, which will last up to 48 months according to the Terms of Reference. Members will not be paid to attend meetings, but reasonable travel and accommodation expenses to attend meetings will be reimbursed.


The Committee will initially meet three times a year, with its first meeting expected to take place in 2018.  To keep costs reasonable, members could also meet via video or teleconference instead of face-to-face, and consultations with stakeholders could be held online.

The CRA recognizes the importance of working collaboratively with stakeholders and hearing a range of perspectives to ensure that the CRA fully understands the challenges faced by people with disabilities that can be reflected in its administration of tax measures affecting individuals with disabilities.  The Committee will help us to ensure that we consider Canadians’ views in how we administer the range of tax measures for people living with disabilities.

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