Help people file their taxes – What to expect as a volunteer!


This video is an overview of the CVITP volunteers' expectations when screening individuals who require help with filing their taxes.

[Music: Jazzy soft bass playing throughout the entire video]

[Image: Fly in of CVITP logo: colourful icons of people in a circle with text in the centre: People Helping People. Fly in of title on page: Help people file their taxes: What to expect as a volunteer!]

[Image: Narrator Ron appears on screen. Ron is wearing a green polo shirt and has a badge with his name and the acronym CVITP. Ron is standing in front of a desk facing the viewer. Coffee mug on the right side and a computer screen on the left with the CVITP logo and title of the video displayed.]

Narrator: "Hi, I'm Ron, and I've been a volunteer with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, or CVITP, for a few years now."

Narrator: "If you like helping others and are looking to truly make a difference in your community, then this is the place to be! [Image: Hand gesture towards Ron's chest.]

[Image: Arial view of a desk showing hands working on laptop. Around the laptop, section of a tax return, post-it notes, a note pad, a coffee mug. UFile Start and Family Head Identification page displayed on laptop in fast sequence. Fast transition to display a T4 income tax and benefit return with blurred text. The word ‘free' appears in the name section of the tax return in capital letters. Fast transition to display green map of Canada and orange bubbles with icons of individuals appearing on the map. Sound effect when bubbles appear.]

Narrator: "Every year, community organizations and volunteers work together to complete tax returns, free of charge, on behalf of eligible individuals."

[Image: Ron standing in front of a desk, coffee mug on the right side and a computer screen on the left displaying the CVITP web page for volunteers. Transition to image showing a young family welcomed by a CVITP volunteer. Transition back to Ron standing in front of the desk.]

Narrator: "If you're considering becoming a volunteer with our program, or you've just joined , you may be wondering what's involved in greeting and helping people—other than being friendly and willing to help. To give you a better idea, let's take a closer look at what you might expect as a volunteer at a tax clinic."

[Image: Animation of colourful houses appearing on top of a hill. Text over "Free tax clinic" appears on screen. Fast zoom in on row of houses. Three times a billboard appears to display text: walk-in, by appointment, drop-off and pick-up.]

Narrator: "First, you should be aware that your experience as a volunteer may vary depending on which type of free tax clinic your organization runs: walk-in, by appointment, or drop-off and pick-up."

[Image: Young family walks in. Zoom in on handshake. Screen splitting: on the left showing the handshake, on the right an aerial view of hands working on the computer with UFile Family Head Identification page displayed.]

Narrator: "Some organizations have volunteers who only greet people, while others have volunteers who only complete tax returns."

[Image: Ron standing in front of a desk, coffee mug on the right side and a computer screen on the left displaying the CVITP webpage for volunteers. Transition to image showing two CVITP volunteers working on their computers.]

Narrator: "Certain organizations may, however, ask you to take on both roles. This is something you can discuss with your organization."

[Image: Grey door opens with sound effect. An elderly couple walks into the room. CVITP volunteer, Roxane, greets the elderly couple with a handshake.]

Narrator: "So, the tax clinic is open, and people start walking in. As a volunteer, your first step is to greet them. It's important that you introduce yourself as a volunteer with the program."

[Image: Animation of hand gestures while Roxane introduces herself.] 

Roxane: "Hi, my name is Roxane and I'm a volunteer with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. Do you need any help with your taxes?"

[Image: View of Roxane and the elderly couple sitting across from each other at a desk in the office. Roxane facing the viewer.]

Narrator: "Then, politely, ask each person for a piece of identification along with their documents."

[Image: Show of hands transferring two pieces of identification and a folder.]

Roxane: "If you could show me a piece of ID first, that would be great!"

[Image: On the left side, hand holding the two pieces of identification. On the right side, green check mark appears beside text: valid, government issued, include photo.]

Narrator: "Their proof of identity should be valid, government issued, and include a photo."

[Image: Left hand holding the two pieces of identification. Right hand sliding the folder with the name section of the T4 visible beside the pieces of identification. Image blurs out and a big circle with a green check mark pulsing in the centre appears on screen.]

Narrator: "You should always check that the ID matches the name on the tax slips and the documents provided."

[Image: Piggy bank with animation of a dropping coin and folder appears on screen.]

Narrator: "Now that you've verified their ID, your next step is to make sure they have a modest income and a simple tax situation. You'll get this information by looking through their documents." 

[Image: Close view of Roxane and elderly couple sitting at the desk across from each other. Roxane facing the viewer.]

Roxane: "Alright. Now, let's take a look at the documents you brought along to make sure you're eligible to have your taxes filed by us."

[Image: Aerial view of multiple documents spread out on the desk. Hand going through the documents with sound effect for flipping through the files. Quick transition to elderly couple and CVITP volunteer sitting at the desk.]

Roxane: "I can see you have all of your tax slips, medical receipts… even your charity donation slips and… last, but not least, a letter from your landlord. Excellent! You really thought of everything!"

[Image: Aerial view of a T4. Index finger moving across the T4 checking the information. Transition to show various slips with index finger moving across the documents.]

Narrator: "Looking through their documents, make sure:

  • their income earned is in line with the guidelines followed by your organization; and
  • their tax situation does not include:

[Image: Sequence of images with animation on multiple screens.]

  • capital gains or losses [Image: Money bag deflating and text "capital gains and losses"]
  • business or rental income and expenses [Image: House with a sign for rent on the roof and text "business or rental income and expenses"]
  • interest income over $1,000 [Image: Line graph showing bottom half green, and top half red and text "interest income over $1,000"]
  • self-employment or employment expenses [Image: Receipts, calculator, money sticking out of a wallet and text "self-employment or employment expenses"]
  • foreign property (T1135) [Image: World map with arrows shooting out from Canada to different parts of the world and text "foreign property (T1135)"]
  • bankruptcy [Image: Multiple tax return files, a dollar sign in the centre of a yield sign and text "bankruptcy"]
  • completing a tax return for a deceased person [Image: Picture frame with black ribbon on two T4 returns and text "completing a tax return for a deceased person"]

[Image: Aerial view of two computer screens displaying the CVITP website and T4 files. Magnifying glass sliding over the word guidelines. Animation showing magnifying effect of letters in the word guidelines.]

Narrator: "Always check the latest guidelines, as these may change over time."

[Image: Roxane and elderly couple sitting at the desk across from each other. Roxane facing the viewer.]

Roxane: "I can certainly help you with your taxes today."

[Image: Show of hands typing on computer. Coffee mug and a folder beside the computer. UFile Start page displaying on the computer screen. Shortly changing to the Family Head Identification page.]

Roxane: "Now, I'll just enter your information into the tax software… and your tax return will be filed  shortly!"

[Image: Roxane and elderly couple sitting at the desk across from each other. Elderly couple facing the viewers.]

Individuals: "That's amazing. Thank you so much for your help!"

[Image: Ron standing in front of a desk, coffee mug on the right side and a computer screen on the left displaying the CVITP webpage for volunteers.]

Narrator: "We hope this was a helpful introduction into the role of a CVITP volunteer."

[Image: Street view sliding slowly and showing colourful buildings, cars, people walking, people riding a bike, students waving and throwing their graduation hat, a girl petting a dog, children and parents in a park. Text over on screen]

Narrator: "It's important to remember that, as a volunteer, you're truly making a difference in the lives of Canadians by helping them receive important benefits and credits. Thank you for joining the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program!"

[Image: Black screen displaying white text: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the Canada Revenue Agency, 2019. Black screen displaying Canadian flag icon and text: Canada Revenue Agency, Agence du Revenu du Canada. Black screen displaying Canadian flag icon and text Canada.]

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