The Canada Revenue Agency – We’re more than just taxes


So… you go to school, you work hard…

and then you head out into the work force

and try to find something that will be challenging, interesting…… and rewarding.

I had heard good things about how the Canada Revenue Agency

is focusing on innovative online services.

I was intrigued and it sounded like a place I would want to work.

THE PLACE… to start my career.

After just four months, I see there are a ton of possibilities!

The Canada Revenue Agency?

Really? Yeah, really.

I’ve been working here two years and there are so many reasons l’m excited to come to work every day…

I have a job where my work matters.

I have real impact on real people,

because I work on making our tax and benefits administration better for ALL Canadians

We are guided by a Code of Integrity and Professional Conduct.

We work to very high standards… AND we look out for each other.

We have offices across Canada… so no matter where you live in the country, there’s a place for you.

Working at the CRA -

it’s like being part of a community!

I am impressed with the variety of great people around me.

Intelligence analysts, auditors, social media specialists, technical folks and more.

But it’s more than that.

We can only do our best work if we bring in different points of view,

experiences, cultures and lifestyles…

… and if we think and plan and work together.

The chance to have work-life balance in a trusting and respectful environment

while growing and learning with the full support of your employer.

And the chance to do things you never dreamed of doing...

It’s the most amazing challenge.

So… check it out!

We’re more than just taxes!

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