Making a payment to the CRA


Hi, my name is Don and I work for the Canada Revenue Agency.

The CRA receives millions of payments each year. Here are a few tips to help us make sure your payment is processed correctly.

The easiest and fastest way to pay the CRA is through online banking—the same way you pay your hydro or phone bill. You can also pay online through the CRA’s My Payment service, which uses Interac online. For this, go to

You can also make your payment in person at a financial institution with a CRA remittance voucher. The remittance voucher is personalized, so don’t use someone else’s. And, the original voucher is printed with special ink, so you can’t use a photocopy.

If you choose to mail-in your cheque, use your CRA remittance voucher or make sure to write your social insurance number and tax year or business number and payment period on the front of the cheque.

Our advice … Save time – pay online!

For more tips and detailed information about making a payment, visit

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