Individuals - Tax information newsletter, Issue: 2015-01

February 11, 2015

1. What’s new this tax-filing season

You may be eligible for new or improved tax relief measures and online services when filing your 2014 income tax and benefit return.

2. Students can save at tax time

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has tax credits, deductions, and benefits to help students. File your income tax and benefit return and claim them.

3. Are you 65 or older? Claim your benefits and credits

There are several benefits and credits designed for seniors.

4. Video: Filing Online - Fast, Easy, and Secure

Learn how to file online in three easy steps and get your refund quicker with direct deposit.

5. Video: Filing Online - Tax savings are working for you

Hardworking families across Canada are benefitting from a variety of tax relief measures such as the proposed increase to the Universal Child Care Benefit, the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit, and the First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit.


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