Businesses: Have you authorized an accountant, bookkeeper or tax professional to act on your behalf with the CRA?

If you answered yes, you have an authorized business representative, and there are three important things you should know:

  1. Business authorizations don’t expire automatically.
    They only expire if the requester sets an expiry date. If you did not set an expiry date when you authorized a business representative, your representative continues to have access to your CRA program accounts. You can set an authorization to expire at any time using My Business Account to manage your representatives.
  2. You don’t need to send us an authorization form every time you file your taxes.
    The CRA receives almost 300,000 RC59 Business Consent forms every year that contain information we already have on file. This is the equivalent of 72 trees!
  3. You can see a list of your authorized representatives and the transactions they have completed with My Business Account.
    To see the list of your representatives and any transactions they have completed, log in to My Business Account. On the Welcome page, select “Representatives” under “Manage.” Select “View representative’s transactions” under “Authorize or manage representatives” on the left.

If you want to remove a representative’s access, you can do so by using My Business Account or by calling us.


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