Tax professionals: the CRA offers faster alternatives to the RC59 Business Consent form

Do you need a business to authorize you quickly so you can file a tax return, submit a document or resolve an outstanding issue? The CRA has two fast alternatives to the RC59 Business Consent form.

Alternative 1: use Represent a Client to get authorization in 5 days or less

  1. Login to Represent a Client.
  2. From the Welcome page, select "Review and update."
  3. At the bottom of the "Manage clients" tab, select "Authorization request" and follow the instructions.
  4. Print the signature page for your client to sign.
  5. Scan and send the signed copy of the signature page to the CRA using Submit documents.

After you send it, you will receive authorization and online access to your client's information in five days or less.

Alternative 2: get your clients to authorize you with My Business Account

  1. Give your client your Rep ID, Group ID, or Business number, and ask them to log in to My Business Account. Then, they will need to select "Representatives" under "Manage" from the menu on the left of the Welcome page.
  2. Once they complete the authorization, it takes effect immediately and you’ll have access to their CRA accounts.

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