Important changes for representatives – what you need to know

December 8, 2020

Ottawa, ON

Canada Revenue Agency

Submitting legal documents related to T1 in Represent a Client

As of October 19, 2020, our online Represent a Client (RAC) service allows you to submit legal documents, such as a will or a power of attorney, to identify you as a legal representative.

This means you don't have to mail or fax us documents, saving you time and postage.

Changes to authorization validation for representatives over the telephone

The CRA has a legal obligation to protect confidential taxpayer information. Therefore, we can provide confidential information only to the taxpayer or individuals the taxpayer has authorized.

To share confidential taxpayer information with you over the phone, the CRA needs to be able to validate that you are authorized on the taxpayer's account.

As of January 2021, if you are a representative associated with a firm, a business or a group, you must have your own RepID and provide it to the CRA before you can represent your client. This will significantly enhance the security of confidential taxpayer information by allowing our agents to verify that you are authorized on the taxpayer's account.

The taxpayer does not have to sign and submit a new authorization request for this change. The administrator within RAC for the business number (BN) or GroupID with administrative rights on the business number (BN) or the GroupID can associate your new RepID to the BN or GroupID.

You can register for your RepID in advance at


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