Internal Audit and Program Evaluation

The CRA's internal audit and program evaluation functions support the achievement of the CRA's strategic goals by providing independent and objective information, advice, and assurance on the soundness of the Agency's operations.

The results of the CRA's audits and evaluations are posted on our Web site to promote public accountability and transparency.

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Internal Audit:
The practice of internal auditing is a critical means for ensuring effective and appropriate governance. The internal audit function provides professional and independent assurance information focused on improving the overall efficiency, effectiveness and risk management of an organization's operations. CRA audits are risk-based and focus on the Agency's strategies and practices related to risk management, management control frameworks, and information used for decision-making and reporting. All audits are conducted in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

Program Evaluation:
Public service managers are expected to define anticipated results, continually focus attention towards results achievement, measure performance regularly and objectively, and learn and adjust to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Managers are accountable for their performance to senior management, Ministers, Parliament and Canadians.

Evaluation, like internal audit, risk management and other management tools, helps managers to operate effectively in this environment. Evaluation supports managers' efforts to track and report on actual performance and help decision-makers objectively assess program or policy results. Evaluation contributes to improvements in policy, as well as program design and delivery.

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