Accumulation of property

Accumulation of property refers to a registered charity setting aside funds for a major future expenditure. Previously, charities were never required to request or obtain approval from the Canada Revenue Agency to set aside funds. 

Before January 1 2023, a registered charity could request approval to exclude accumulated property from its disbursement quota calculation. This allowed a charity to set aside significant funds for specific qualifying activities without incurring a divestment obligation during the accumulation period.  

If your charity was granted written approval to accumulate property before January 2023, the approval is still valid under the terms indicated until the approved period expires.

We will not grant extensions to the approved period.  

As of January 1 2023, we no longer review or grant accumulation requests. Charities must now include all assets not used in charitable programs or administration in their disbursement quota calculation. This applies unless the entire amount of the charity’s assets not used in charitable programs or administration falls below the threshold amounts indicated in the disbursement quota calculation.

For more information on how to report accumulated property if your charity received a written approval, go to Guide T4033, Completing Form T3010 Registered Charity Information Return.

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