Confidentiality – Public information


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August 15, 2011

This guidance replaces Summary policy CSP-C12, Confidentiality – Income Tax Act.


Generally, the confidentiality provisions of the Income Tax Act prevent the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) from discussing the affairs of a particular organization without the consent of an authorized representative.

The Act makes specific exceptions, however, to allow the CRA to make available to the public certain information about registered or previously-registered charities.


General information on a registered or previously registered charity, including its status, is available to the public in the form of a searchable list in the List of charities.

Information return (Form T3010)

The information contained in the public portion of a registered charity's information return is available to the public. This information is made available in the List of charities and is also available in other formats upon request.

Other specific exceptions

The CRA may also provide to any person the following information relating to a charity that at any time was a registered charity:

The CRA may provide this information upon request.


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