Gifts out of inventory

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March 29, 2000

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Official donation receipts - Whether gifts out of inventory qualify as charitable donations


To clarify the Directorate's policy regarding gifts out of inventory.


1. A registered charity can issue an official donation receipt to a business for the market value of a gift out of inventory.

2. The charity's responsibilities are: 

3. If the transaction results in a material benefit to the business, such as promotion or advertising, there has been no gift at law, and the charity should not issue an official donation receipt.

4. It is the Canada Revenue Agency's responsibility to ensure that businesses comply with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, not the charity's. If asked, the charity may advise a business of the tax implications as follows:

5. The following example explains the tax consequences for a business where a gift is made out of inventory.

Calculation of taxable income
Sale of bread $50,000
Plus the value of bread donated to charity

+ 1,000

Income $51,000
Less production costs


Net income $25,500
Less tax deduction for donated bread

- 1,000

Taxable income $24,500


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