Registration of Canadian amateur athletic associations

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Notice: The 2011 Federal Budget introduced new measures affecting registered Canadian amateur athletic associations that will come into force on January 1, 2012. This policy is applicable until December 31, 2011. Information on the requirements for registration as of January 1, 2012, is being developed. For more information, go to Canadian amateur athletic associations.

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October 28, 1996


This policy statement outlines the Directorate's policy on the registration of Canadian amateur athletic associations.


The Income Tax Act provides that Canadian amateur athletic associations that operate on a nation-wide basis can qualify for registration.


1. This policy applies to applicant organizations that operate on a nation-wide basis, through a network of member organizations, and for all Canadians who are interested in a particular sport.

2. This policy does not apply to organizations that operate single-sport facilities such as gymnastics clubs, ski hills or golf courses, regardless of whether they may also provide services to athletes, high-performance or otherwise or purport to be open to athletes from across Canada. Nor does this policy extend to sports centers providing services to athletes at any level other than "high-performance". Footnote 1 

Qualifying objects

3. To qualify for registration as a Canadian amateur athletic association, an organization must operate mostly, if not entirely, for the following objects:

4. The following national organizations can qualify for registration:

5. The following organizations cannot be registered:


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