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December 10, 2001


This policy statement outlines the Directorate's policy on determining the effective date of registration of a charity.


The effective date of registration of a charity will, without exception, be at a point in time when, and at all times since, the organization operated as charitable within the meaning of the Income Tax Act and common law.


1. This policy applies to applicant organizations that are registered for the first time. This policy does not apply to a previously registered charity that has been revoked and applies for re-registration.

2. The effective date of registration will be based upon the most recent of the following dates:

3. An effective date of registration may be selected that is within an earlier fiscal period notwithstanding the above, and with discretion. Footnote 3  For example, to compensate for any Charities Directorate internal delays such as backlog, response time, or other internal factors. However, despite this limited discretion, the date of registration may not be before the most recent of the first three bullets described above.

4. The effective date of registration should always reflect a period of time during which the organization actively sought to comply with the Charities Directorate requirements for registration as a charity.

Other considerations

5. A charity that is seeking to backdate its effective date of registration to a previous fiscal period must complete and file with the Charities Directorate, any and all information returns (Form T3010) that have become due under these circumstances before registration can be granted, otherwise the registration date cannot be backdated.

6. If the effective date of registration is not on the first day of a fiscal period of the organization, paragraph 149(10)(a) of the Act may apply. Paragraph 149(10)(a) applies when an organization that was not previously exempted from tax becomes exempted, for example, when it is registered as a charity. In this case, the taxation year that would have been included this period will be deemed to have ended at the date of registration, and the beginning of a new, short fiscal period will start at the date of registration. Footnote 4 


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