About the Corporation Internet Filing service

What do I require from CRA to file my T2 Corporation income tax return through the Internet?

To file your T2 Corporation income tax return directly to the CRA through the Internet, you require one of the following,

How to obtain a Web Access Code

If you transmit your T2 return using a Web Access Code, you can apply for, and receive, this code within certain commercial tax preparation software packages without having to call the Canada Revenue Agency’s Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk.

Otherwise, contact the Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk; please refer to the Helpdesk hours of service.

How to obtain an EFILE online number and password

Complete the EFILE Registration online form if you are a tax professional and wish to use the Internet to file your client's Corporation income tax returns or you are responsible for filing multiple Corporation income tax returns (i.e. you are a corporate conglomerate). You must indicate during the EFILE registration process that you will be transmitting T2 returns. When you receive confirmation that you have successfully registered, you will be given an EFILE online number and password. Once you receive notification that you are certified for T1 EFILE, you will also automatically be certified for T2 EFILE and you can transmit Corporation income tax returns using your EFILE online number and password. For more information about EFILE registration, contact the EFILE Helpdesk.

Why use Corporation Internet Filing?

The Corporation Internet Filing initiative is part of the Government Online Initiative to deliver more services electronically. It provides you with an easy-to-use, convenient, secure, and confidential option for filing your corporation income tax return. As a result, the CRA will benefit from reduced processing costs. In support of sustainable development, a paper copy of your return should not be submitted.

Corporation Internet Filing streamlines the tax filing process, provides the filer with an immediate confirmation of receipt, and results in faster refunds.

Beginning with tax years ending after 2009, corporations with gross revenues in excess of $1 million are required to Internet file their T2 Corporation Income Tax Return using CRA approved commercial software. The following exceptions apply:

How do you use Corporation Internet Filing?

Check Before you start for information on what you have to do before transmitting your corporation income tax return.

Is there a cost for Corporation Internet Filing?

You'll have to use CRA-certified software. You might have to purchase a tax preparation software package, but the Corporation Internet Filing service is free.

Check Software for information that includes a list of the CRA-certified software.

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