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The Corporation Internet Filing system has partnered with the EFILE On-Line service to provide "one-stop" registration to tax professionals who file both individual and corporation income tax returns electronically on behalf of their clients. Corporations who are responsible for filing multiple corporation income tax returns (i.e. corporate conglomerates) can also use the EFILE online service.

Complete the EFILE Registration Online form if you are a tax professional and wish to use the Internet to file corporation income tax returns. You must indicate during the EFILE registration process that you will be transmitting T2 returns and when you receive confirmation that you successfully registered, you will be given an EFILE online number and password. When you receive notification that you are certified for T1 EFILE, you will also automatically be certified for T2 EFILE and you may begin to transmit corporation income tax returns using the EFILE online number and password. For more information about EFILE registration, contact the EFILE Helpdesk.

Please note that corporation income tax returns can still be transmitted using a Web Access Code if filing for only one corporation. You may contact the Corporation Internet Filing Help Desk to obtain a Web Access Code. Refer to Help Desk hours of service for a listing of the Helpdesk phone numbers and hours of service.

Renewing your EFILE online number and password for Corporation Income Tax Returns

Yearly renewal is mandatory for your continued participation in electronic filing. In October we will remind you to renew your account on-line. Your renewal may take up to 30 business days to process. To give us enough time to complete your renewal, we encourage you to re-apply for your new password as soon as possible.

You may continue to use your current EFILE number and password to file corporation income tax returns until early January of the following year. 

After January 26, 2024, in order to be able to transmit individual and business authorization and cancellation requests, and file T2 returns, you will need to have:

Important notice

If you have Corporation Internet files (.cor files) which you have not yet transmitted but were created prior to receiving your new EFILE number and password, please resave the files prior to Internet filing as they require updating to include your new EFILE number and password.

If you have not passed our suitability screening, you can only file corporation income tax returns by Internet using a Web Access Code (WAC). Certain software packages will generate the WAC; if yours does not, you can contact our Help Desk to request a WAC.

If you are having difficulty using your password or accessing/filing your corporation tax return, please contact the Help Desk hours of service for assistance.

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