Change my return: online adjustments for income tax and benefits returns

Avoid delays: Submit adjustment requests electronically

For faster service, submit your request electronically using Change my Return in My Account or ReFILE. See our check processing times tool for more information.


Change my return is a secure My Account service that allows you to request a change to your income tax and benefit return after you receive your notice of assessment or notice of reassessment.

We have improved features in Change my return to make it easier to change your return online. These new features guide you through common adjustments such as adjustments to add tax information slips and claiming the disability tax credit.

The enhancements to Change my return include questions and messages when additional information is needed, errors are detected, or supporting documentation is needed to finalize your request.

Claim the disability tax credit

If you have been approved to claim the disability tax credit (DTC) for yourself, your dependant(s), or your spouse or common-law partner, this option will be available to you. If not, it will not be shown. See What is the DTC for information on who is eligible for this credit and how to apply.

If do not want to claim the DTC, click Next to bypass this credit and continue to Change my return.

You can claim the DTC on one or more of your returns by using this option. It will apply both the federal and provincial or territorial credits to their maximum amounts, if available, for each year:

After you have made your selections and updated the required fields, click Next. You will be asked if you would like to make any further adjustments to your return(s).

Select the year

Select the year you want to change from the list of available years in the drop-down menu and then select Next.

Generally, you can request a change only to a tax return from any of the 10 previous calendar years. For example, if you make a request in 2023, it must relate to the 2013 or later tax returns.

If you want to change a return for a year that does not appear in the list in the drop-down menu, send the request to your tax centre in writing.

If you select a year you have already completed, the entries you made in the Provide Additional Information step for that year will not be saved, and you will have to redo the step.

New options in Change my return

You can now make online requests for the application of certain losses:

You can now make an online election to split pension income.


Both the transferring spouse or common-law partner and the receiving spouse or common-law partner have to ask for an adjustment if the elected split-pension amount was not previously claimed, before a request can be allowed. For more information, see How do you split your pension income? -

You can now use Change my return to change certain international and non-resident returns, such as:

For more information on filing a non-resident return, see Non-residents of Canada -

You cannot use Change my return to change:

Also, you cannot use Change my return to apply for the:

In any of these cases, send all of the following to your tax centre:

Search feature

Enter a line number from the income tax and benefit return, such as "12600," or text to describe the line you want to find, such as "rental income." Then select Search.

From the search results list, find the line you want to change and click on it, for example, click on line 12600.

If you want to go to a specific section of the return, select it from the drop-down menu below the Search box. For example, you can find line 12600 by clicking on Total Income in the drop-down menu.

Change a line

If you use the Search feature, the cursor appears in the new amount box of the line that you want to change. Enter the dollar amount you want to show on your return after the change is complete.

If you select the section of the return from the drop-down menu, enter the new amount in the box beside the line you want to change. If the line does not appear, use the Search feature to enter the line and select it to add it to the related section below. Enter the dollar amount of the change you want to make in the New Amount box.

Add amounts from tax information slips

Use this option to add amounts from the tax information slips that are on file with us.

The slips on file with the CRA will be grouped together based on their type and labeled with their last "Date modified." If the date is bolded, the slip was changed after the most recent (re)assessment.

Some slips have additional fields that can be changed as needed. If applicable, update these fields before adding or matching your slips:

You have two options:

After selecting one of the options, you may asked to determine the location for the information to be reported.

Then you will get a summary of the changes that you are requesting. You will be able to modify any of the values listed to match any additional information you have or remove a change from the list.

If you agree with what is shown on the summary, select Add changes to include these amounts to your existing request. 

You can add any additional changes or review your request before submitting the changes to your return.

Provide additional information

After making changes, you may need to provide more information:

After each stage, select Confirm my answers to continue with your request.

Select Back to return to the Change my return page. Any entries you have made during this step will not be saved and you may have to make corrections or answer questions again.

If no additional information is required, or you have provided all responses, click Next to get to the Review and submit page.

Review and submit your changes

The Review and submit page summarizes the changes you made.

Note: A line may show dollars and cents or just dollars and no cents.

You may receive a message stating that certain amounts were changed automatically. The results of these changes can be seen in the summary for each year.

If you want to make other changes, select Edit. This will take you to the Provide Additional Information step for this year and you will have to redo the step.

If you want to make changes to another year, select Add another tax year (when available).

If you do not need to make further changes, read the certification statement, tick the box to agree, and click on Submit changes.

Confirmation number

Keep the confirmation number for your records, and keep all your receipts and supporting documents in case we ask to see them.

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