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Can someone try to NETFILE a second T1 return under my name?

No. The NETFILE system will accept only one return per individual. Each individual will have to send his or her return separately using his or her personal information.

How will the CRA know that I’m filing my T1 return and not someone else's?

The CRA performs several identification validations, including validating your social insurance number and date of birth with the CRA database. If it finds an identification error or a discrepancy, the system will automatically stop processing your return.

What are the chances of my tax return being reviewed if I use NETFILE?

The same criteria for reviewing income tax returns are used for both paper and electronic returns. You need to keep all your tax information slips, receipts and documents for six years after you file your tax return in case the CRA asks to see them. To learn more, go to Review of your tax return by the CRA.

I haven’t filed a tax return in a few years. However, I would like to file a tax return this year. Can I use NETFILE?

As long as you have filed a tax return in the past with the CRA and the CRA has the correct information on file for you, for example, your correct address, you can file your current-year tax return using NETFILE. To file the prior-year tax returns that you have not yet filed, you can prepare your tax return using prior-year tax software starting with the 2017 tax year. Returns for years before that will have to be done on paper.

If I use a NETFILE-certified tax preparation software package or web application to complete my federal tax return, can I also use it for my provincial or territorial tax return?

With NETFILE, all provincial and territorial tax returns are filed as schedules to your federal income tax return, except returns for Quebec. To learn more about filing your Quebec provincial tax return electronically, visit the Revenu Québec website.

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