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1. What should I do if I lose the Web Access Code assigned to the corporation or if it has been compromised?

If you lose your Web Access Code or it is compromised, you need a new one. Call the Corporation Internet Filing Help Desk at 1-800-959-2803, or for non-resident corporations, at 204-984-3594 during our Help Desk hours of service. We will be happy to assign you a new Web Access Code, as long as the information you give us matches what we have in our files.

2. What should I do if I lose the EFILE On-Line number and password or if they have been compromised?

If you lose your EFILE On-Line number and password or they are compromised, notify the EFILE Help Desk immediately.

3. Can I continue to electronically file corporation income tax returns while I renew my EFILE On-Line account each year?

Yes. You may continue to file corporation income tax returns up to the end of December using your current EFILE On-Line number and password. To file corporation income tax returns after that date, you will need to have renewed your EFILE On-Line account and passed our suitability screening. Once you have applied to renew your account and have been assigned a new password, you must use the new password to electronically file your corporation income tax returns. 

See Renewing your EFILE On-Line number and password for corporation Income Tax Returns for further information.

4. How long will it take to use the Corporation Internet Filing service?

We cannot estimate how long it will take you to use the commercial tax preparation software you bought to create the .cor file, but it will take seconds to get the confirmation number or error messages, if any, once the tax return has been transmitted.

5. What if I can't access the transmission page on the Corporation Internet Filing site?

This could mean that your browser software doesn't meet the security standard for sending tax information to us. You can get more information about Browser Security levels on our Your browser Web page.

6. What if the site won't accept my electronic tax return?

Verify that the return has been saved in the appropriate format. Corporation Internet Filing has been designed to accept only a specific file format (with a .cor extension), and the CRA-certified tax preparation software includes instructions on how to save a tax return in that format.

Check the hours of service. Corporation Internet Filing is available 21 hours a day, Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays), and some additional hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Corporation Internet Filing won't accept large files at this time. If your electronic tax return exceeds the acceptable size, you will receive a message explaining this.

If, during regular hours, there is a system outage that prevents you from filing the return on time, contact the Corporation Internet Filing Help Desk.

7. How do I sign an electronic return?

Three items of identification -- the Business Number, tax year end, and Web Access Code or EFILE On-Line number and password -- make up your electronic signature, which is considered official.

8. What would the filing date of the return be if it takes more than a day to successfully transmit a return?

A filing date is established when the electronic signature is successfully validated. It will remain in effect as long as errors are corrected and the filer retransmits the return within five business days. If it takes longer than five business days to get a successful validation, the filing date is the date that the confirmation number is issued.

9. Can I use this service to file a late return?

You may file a late return for the 2002 and following tax years, as long as the return is eligible for Corporation Internet Filing.

10. What if I make a mistake on my tax return and need to fix it after I've successfully transmitted it to the CRA?

Certain commercial tax preparation software packages have the capability for you to prepare a reassessment to your T2 return that can be filed electronically or in bar-code format. Otherwise, to request your change, send a letter to the tax centre that serves the corporation. In your request, state the name of the corporation, the Business Number, the tax year, and any details that apply. With your letter, include any relevant supporting information, such as revised financial statements and schedules.

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