Confirm a payment – Payments to the CRA

You can confirm that you have made or received a payment, or that you have a balance owing to the CRA. Some payments you make will not appear in your CRA account right away.

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Check your CRA account

You or your representative can sign in to your online account to confirm CRA account payments and balances.

Before checking to see if the CRA has received a payment you sent, allow:

CRA sign in

If you cannot access an online account, you or your representative can contact us about your balance by phone.

Transfer payments or balances

You or your authorized representative (level 2 or legal representative for individuals, level 2 or delegate authority level 3 for businesses) can sign in to your online account to transfer a payment.

CRA sign in

Resolve an issue with a payment

If you had a debt on your account, we may have automatically used your refund, benefit or credit to pay down the debt: How we automatically apply refunds and credits to your debt

Contact us for an issue with a payment you made to the CRA if:

Contact us for an issue with a payment you expected from the CRA if:

For an individual tax or benefit account:

For a business account:

When calling the CRA to resolve payment issues, you or your representative will need to provide additional information, such as details from one of your assessed tax returns, to verify your identity and ensure confidentiality.

Make sure it's really the CRA contacting you

If someone contacts you to say you owe money to the CRA, you can confirm whether or not this is true by checking your CRA account balance.


If you think you may have been the victim of a scam or fraud: Report a scam or identity theft

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