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The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development. These stories highlight how SR&ED tax incentives help businesses grow and reach their goals.

Featured stories

cStar Technologies Inc.

The SR&ED Program can help your business with the support it needs to continue to grow. Find out how research and development tax incentives fueled this Canadian company’s innovative strategy.


The SR&ED Program supports businesses that make a difference in the lives of Canadians. Check out how the program helped this innovative company.

Wilder Harrier

The SR&ED Program can help your business reach the next level. Find out how tax incentives helped this company’s products become a commercial success.

Hydrogen in Motion Inc.

The SR&ED Program helps to fuel innovation, especially during challenging times. See how the program became a critical source of funding and how SR&ED employees made a real difference to this company during the pandemic.


The SR&ED Program can help your business expand its activities. Read how the SR&ED Program is helping this company increase its research and development work.

Motion Metrics International Corp.

The SR&ED Program can provide your company with valuable financial support. Check out how the program contributed to this company’s success.

Pattison Sign Group

The SR&ED Program values the service it provides to its claimants. Find out how SR&ED employees helped this company with their claim.

Autovance Technologies

The SR&ED Program can help you claim tax incentives for the first time. See how this company learned about the SR&ED tax incentives through one of the program’s services.

Rio Tinto

The SR&ED Program offers useful services and tools for claimants. Find out how they can help your company be more efficient when claiming SR&ED tax incentives.

Northforge Innovations Inc.

The SR&ED Program can help your business grow. Learn how the SR&ED Program helped this company increase its employee base and revenue.

Canadian Geothermal Energy Association

The SR&ED Program’s free seminars can help your business navigate the application process. Read about this association’s positive experience hosting an SR&ED seminar for its members.

Rho-Can Machine and Tool Company

The SR&ED Program can help your business innovate. Discover how SR&ED tax incentives helped this company start new projects.

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