Personal driving (personal use)

Personal driving is any driving done for purposes not related to employment.

An employee may use one of your owned or leased vehicles for purposes other than business or, an employee may use their personal vehicle to carry out employment duties and get an allowance for the business use of that vehicle. Whatever the situation, if your employee drives your vehicle for personal reasons or you reimburse your employee for the personal driving of their own vehicle, there is a taxable benefit that has to be calculated and included in their income.

Personal driving includes:

Regular place of employment

A regular place of employment is any location where your employee regularly reports for work or performs the duties of employment. In this case, "regular" means there is some degree of frequency or repetition in the employee's reporting to that particular work location in a given pay period, month, or year. This "place" does not have to be an establishment of the employer.

A regular place of employment may include:

Depending on the circumstances, your employee may have more than one location where they regularly report for work. If your employee has multiple regular work locations and travels between home and several work locations during the day, only the trip from your employee's home to the first work location or, the trip from the last work location to home is personal driving. Any travel by the employee between work locations is business related.


Where you provide your employees with transportation to a regular place of employment, it may not be a taxable benefit if either of the following applies:

Point of call

A point of call is a place the employee goes to perform their employment duties other than the employee’s regular place of employment.

The CRA will consider the employee's travel between their home to a point of call to be "business" driving (and not a taxable benefit) if you need or allow the employee to travel directly from home to a point of call (such as a salesperson visiting customers, going to a client's premises for a meeting, or making a repair call) or to return home from that point.


It must be reasonable that the employee's travel to the point of call be made at that time and on the way to or from work. If it is unreasonable, then that distance is personal driving and is a taxable benefit.

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