Employing a caregiver, baby-sitter, or domestic worker

If you hire a caregiver, baby-sitter, or domestic worker, you may be considered to be the employer of that person. As an employer, you have responsibilities in the employment relationship between you and the person. 

When are you considered to be an employer

You are considered to be an employer when all the following apply to you:

If you or a person working for you is not sure of the worker's employment status, either one of you can request a ruling to determine the status. If you are a business owner, you can use the "Request a CPP/EI ruling" service in My Business Account.

A worker can ask for a ruling by using the My Account for Individuals service and selecting “Submit documents” and then “I do not have a case or reference number.

You can also use Form CPT1, Request for a CPP/EI Ruling – Employee or Self-Employed, and send it to your tax services office.

For more information, see Guide RC4110, Employee or Self-employed.

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