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Calculate your rent subsidy amount

Use this calculator to verify applications you made before the subsidy program ended.

The calculator is just available for information purposes. Applications are closed.

Print the information from the calculator in order to use it in your application.

Privacy statement: This calculator does not collect your information

The CRA is not collecting or retaining any of the information you enter on this page. These amounts are only used to help you determine the amount of rent subsidy you may be eligible to claim. You may be required to provide a full list of your business locations and their expenses for verification after you apply.

Warning: This calculator does not save any data and if you leave or refresh this page you may need to enter the information again.

Claim period
12-month average revenue drop
Tourism and hospitality eligibility
Affiliated businesses, charities, and non-profits (affiliated eligible entities)

You and any affiliated businesses, charities, and non-profit organizations (affiliated entities) are only eligible for the rent subsidy base subsidy amount on a combined maximum of $300,000 in eligible expenses.

Find out if you have affiliated entities

Do you have affiliated entities that are also applying for the rent subsidy for this claim period? (required)

Summary of Step 4

  • You have indicated you do not have any affiliated entities that are claiming the rent subsidy for this claim period.
Revenue drop and subsidy rate

The amount of your base rent subsidy rate is determined by your revenue drop.

You must select a Claim period in Step 1 before you can complete this step.

Summary of Step 4

  • Your current period revenue drop is 0%
  • Your previous period revenue drop is 0%

Because the higher of these revenue drops is 0%, you do not qualify for the THRP this period. your THRP rate is calculated as

your CERS rate is calculated as 0

Your THRP rate is 0%

Your business locations

The rent subsidy amount you could have applied for was a percentage of your eligible expenses for all your business locations. (0%).

Each location was eligible to claim up to $75,000 in eligible expenses.

Lockdown support and eligible expenses

Calculate your lockdown support rates and eligible expenses

Include all your business locations.

Business location 1
Calculate your lockdown support rate
Does the location qualify for lockdown support?

Learn about lockdown support eligibility criteria

An order that restricts or reduces activities but doesn’t require you to close or stop certain activities does not qualify for a lockdown support top-up.

Lockdown support rate summary

You do not qualify for lockdown support. To qualify, the location must have been closed or significantly reduced due to a COVID-19 related public health order for 1 week or longer.

Do you rent or own this property?(required)
Expense summary for location 1
Expense summary for location 1
Type of expense Amount
Rent $0.00
Property tax $0.00
Property insurance $0.00
Interest on commercial mortgages $0.00
Rental income $0.00
location 1 qualifying expenses $0.00
location 1 lockdown support amount $0.00

Review your location data and print or download a spreadsheet for your records.

Amount you were eligible for

Print and keep this record using the print preview button below.

The line amounts you would have needed to complete your application for of the THRP:

  • Line 110: Number of eligible properties: 0
  • Line 120: Total eligible rent: $0.00
  • Line 130: Total eligible property taxes: $0.00
  • Line 140: Total eligible property insurance: $0.00
  • Line 150: Total eligible interest on commercial mortgages: $0.00
  • Line 160: Total qualifying rent expenses: $0.00
  • Line 200: Revenue drop for the current period: 0.00%
  • Line 210: Revenue drop for the previous period: 0.00%
  • Line 310: Lockdown support (subsidy top-up): $0.00

Net lease: Lines 130, 140, and 150 are only used for owned properties. Any amounts paid for rented properties under a net lease are included in line 120.

Period : Summary of THRP calculation
Affiliated entity percentage N/A
Maximum expenses that can be claimed for the base subsidy (Line 170: Lesser of line 160 or $300,000 or $300,000 x Affiliated entity percentage) $0.00
Subsidy rate x 0.00%
Base rent subsidy (Line 300) = $0.00
Lockdown support (subsidy top-up) amount (Line 310) + $0.00
Total rent subsidy (Line 300 + Line 310) $0.00

Review and save your data

Location data

Print or download your location data for your records.

Locations summary

THRP calculation data

Print your calculated amounts for your records.

Print preview (or save to PDF) THRP statement

Your data is not saved on this page. Do not leave this page without printing or saving your data.

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