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Enrolment confirmation

Sun Life will manage the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) for the Government of Canada.

Once you’ve applied and we've confirmed that you qualify, we'll share your information with Sun Life, who will enrol you in the CDCP.

Sun Life will then send you a welcome package, which will include:

  • information on the CDCP
  • your member card
  • your coverage start date

Visiting an oral health provider

The welcome package you receive from Sun Life will include the date you can start seeing an oral health provider. Appointments can only be scheduled on or after that date for the eligible oral health care services to be covered under the plan.

Your start date will depend on:

  • when we receive your application and
  • when we complete your enrolment

The first group that will be eligible to visit an oral health provider will be as early as May 2024, starting with seniors.

The CDCP will not reimburse you for services received before the start date

When booking an appointment with an oral health provider, make sure to ask if they are participating in the CDCP. This will limit any unexpected costs that you may have to pay yourself.

Annual reassessment

You will need to meet the eligibility requirements each year to qualify for the CDCP. We’ll add more information later on the annual reassessment process.

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