Procurement policies

Policies and processes that govern the way the government buys goods and services.


Services and information

Procurement policies and frameworks

Procurement policies, directives, statutes, regulations, trade agreements and the challenge process.

Acquisition clauses and conditions

Procurement clauses and general conditions, plus instructions on how they are used.

Supply Manual for contracting officers

The public procurement process for the procurement of goods, services and construction.

Code of conduct for procurement

How the government ensures openness, fairness and transparency when buying goods and services.

Procurement policy notifications

New or modified acquisitions policies, procedures, clauses and conditions.

Contracting policy notices

Updates related to policies on reporting, taxes, trade agreements and more.

Material management

Policies on the management of government assets such as furniture, equipment and vehicles.

Customer Information System

How the government manages information on customers who obtain goods and services.

Procurement policy contacts

Contacts for questions about the supply manual or other procurement policies.

Working with ethical suppliers

How the Government of Canada ensures open, fair and transparent contracts and real property agreements.

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