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Army shoulder titles are worn on both a branch/regimental and unit basis. To avoid duplication, instructions for wear are only included here. See also Annex D, above.

Description Worn with Where worn
1. Army: metal shoulder titles a. Jackets, service dress and undress (patrols)

(1) Affixed to each shoulder strap so that the lowest point(s) of the title shall touch the seam where the strap is felled into the shoulder.

(2) Members of PPCLI to wear historical cloth shoulder titles as directed by Commander Canadian Army.

2. Army and Air Force: embroidered shoulder titles a. Army: slip-on, all dress orders (1) Sewn as for CANADA badge; see Appendix 1.
b. Army and Air Force: operational clothing slip-ons (1) Sewn as for CANADA badge; see Appendix 1.
3. Unit badges a. Naval combat dress jacket (1) Worn on the right breast centred 0.6 cm above the name tape.
b. Flying clothing

(1) Worn as determined by Commander RCAF.

(2) A UN or multi-national force badge, when authorized to be worn, shall take precedence over and replace a squadron badge worn in the same location.

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